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Unitex LV 500 (Esterified Starch)

Unitex LV 500 (Esterified Starch)

Product Details

Physical Form White Powder
Moisture 13 Max
pH 10% w/w suspension 6.0-7.5
Temperature 30° C
Viscosity (Brookfied) of 5/5% w/w(0n ds) paste Brookfield Viscometer LVT Rpm: 30;spndle N0:1) 50 to 120 CPS
Storage Store in a dry,cool place, away from sunlight and other heat sources.

Additional Information

Packaging Details UniTex -LV 500 is available in 50 KG plastic liner HDPE woven sacks.

Description :

  • UniTex-LV 500 is high stable low viscosity modified corn starch for all kinds of textile warp yarn, to meet the requirements of high speed sophisticated shuttle/shuttless weaving.
  • UniTex-LV 500 offers Uniform viscosity, adequate penetration and surface coating resulting in increased efficiency of weaving operation.
  • The size is free of retrogradation and provides enhanced film solubility for easier desizing.
  • UniTex -LV 500 gives transparent flexible film. The warp sized with UniTex -LV-500 withstands repeated and extensive bending in weaving operation without damage to the size film.

Application : UniTex-LV 500 is an ideal modified starch for the sizing of cotton and polyester/cotton blended yarns to be woven on high speed looms. It is suitable for coarser as well as fine counts and dense construction.The product is also suitable for the terry towel.

Advantages : UniTex-LV 500 Provides

  • Highly Stable & Low viscosity resulting in uniform size pick up
  • Excellent Film properties. Uniform coating, smooth, flexible, tough and transparent film
  • No retrogradation
  • No lump formation.
  • Minimum Dead Loss.
  • Highly strengthening the yarn with better coating Property.
  • Reduces the hairiness to great extent and produces smooth surface.
  • Excellent fibre to fibre binding due to better penetration improving fibre lay in the yarn
  • Improved yarn to yarn as well as yarn to loom abrasion resistance
  • Premits reduction/ elimination of PVA and other polyacrylates
  • 100% Eco Friendly, Absence of PCP Urea, Formaldehyde.
  • Ease of desizing

Preparation :

  • Take required amount of water in premixer/cooker. Add UniTex-LV 500 slowly under continuous stirring. No other ingredients required to add.Cold stirring for 15 min. ensure that the solution is lump free. Start steaming
  • For open cooker: Raise the temperature up to 100oC and maintain the temperature for 40-50 minutes.
  • For pressure cooker: Raise the temperature up to 120-130oC and maintain the temperature for 25-30 minutes.
  • Transfer the recipe in the storage vessel and stir the solution for another 10-15 minutes.

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